Wednesday, May 28, 2014


We're in the middle of packing. What I will miss when we leave:

~ the dishwasher
~ a carport next to the house

What I'm looking forward to:

~ two balconies (!!!)
~ a smaller house to clean

Anyway, hopefully it's a good move.

Also, I love the fact that "I Want to Marry "Harry"" exists.


Cardigan said...

Cardigan said...

Your list is nice Emily Hale. The above list is sad, but the point Einstein makes about not using his desk seems like a funny one.

Emily Hale said...

Oh my gosh--that list is so sad!! And the desk part is hilarious.

Cardigan said...

This list is way nicer. I'm still with Einstein though; I don't like it when other people use my desk at the studio.

Emily Hale said...

It's like he made that list just to be a comedian!!