Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Diary of Pregnancy

39 weeks:

~ The midwife casually mentioned that I might spend a bit more time "leaning forward" for baby positioning. (The baby is in a fine position, but might be able to twist a bit to get into an even better one.) Of course, that means that I've now read everything on baby positioning and now feel guilty sitting in furniture (not recommended by the crunchy people) and especially about leaning back and putting my feet up (definitely prohibited by the crunchy people). I feel like I should only be sitting on the "birth ball" (exercise ball; mine specifically recommends not using it during pregnancy) or cross-legged on the floor.

~ Waiting and impatient. So, it seems, from my email inbox, text messages, and phone calls, is the rest of the world. It was nice to have #1tomatolover and Stearns visit this weekend (and Mama Leopard and Ilana visit this week) to distract Francisco and me from the waiting.

~ Day 1 of using old wives tales from the internet to have this baby already (I reached one-year at my new job with the accompanying full-maternity benefits, so I'm anxious for this baby to arrive). First, an hour-long walk with Francisco in the morning (that probably means 2 miles max, since I walk slow, plus we stopped for coffee and to look at the duck pond). Next, a pedicure. The pedicure was courtesy of our recent move: our new neighborhood is so fru-fru that the welcome pack includes a free haircut and a free pedicure. I've only had one pedicure before, and it was 10 years ago, I think, so I was a bit out of practice (read: I had no idea what I was supposed to do next). It was pretty relaxing, although the pedicurist (?) was really hacking away at my cuticles, so sometimes it felt like I was at the dentist's. Next, a very spicy Indian lunch. Not sure what the rest of the day will hold, but maybe a baby?

~ The Braxton-Hicks are getting stronger and more frequent (and a little uncomfortable), and the baby's definitely dropped (or, as Francisco says, "It looks like he's going to fall out"). But all of this could go on for two more weeks! Learning patience, as always.

~ Just had my weekly appointment and they didn't tell me anything. That was severely disappointing as I thought that they might know something. And Francisco suggested that we wait on stripping my membranes, which makes sense--why hurry things along when there's no actual hurry. (Although I suspect that his friend from England visiting on Sunday has something to do with his own lack of impatience.) If I had been at the appointment alone, I would have begged them to take my membranes out completely and deliver the baby then and there.

~ A friend wished me, "Kala eleftheria (Greek for "May you have a good birth!" -- literally, have good physical freedom from each other)." I tell you what, I'm sure looking forward to that physical freedom from each other.

~ Another possibly kooky pseudo-induction method: reflexology. Where they massage/push on your feet, especially particular points that are supposed to induce labor. I went and had that today, thanks to another moving-into-the-neighborhood coupon. The massage therapist claimed that she could tell that I have back and shoulder pain from my feet (of course, who doesn't have back pain?). She also suggested baby names. (Francisco: "You're going to have the baby now, since you went to that witch doctor.")

~ Relatedly, it is odd to me to be so tired that sometimes I can't even do the things that relax me--like some days I'm too tired to go to the pool or do yoga or watch a movie. Today I almost didn't go to the foot massage because I was too tired. Who is too tired to make it to their massage? 

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