Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Random Assortment

~ On non-disabled actors playing disabled characters.

~ On Sweden's generous maternity/paternity leave policies.

~ An order that accepts women with Down syndrome (via Hopkins).

~ PAL on Tocqueville, Pascal, and poetry.

~ I've never read Virginia Woolf, but this exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery looks great.

~ A lovely picture.

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Sonetka said...

The first article was interesting but the opening example was terrible. Does he have any idea just how rare healthy, surviving conjoined twins are? The Hilton sisters were also pygopagus twins -- who these days are often separated surgically. I wouldn't be surprised if there were literally no adult pygopagus female conjoined twins on earth who were of the right age and had the acting talent to carry those roles. And casting non-acting conjoined twins in the lead roles would be a "freak show" of its own kind.