Monday, August 4, 2014

Failures in Housewifery

I made smitten kitchen's caramel pudding from scratch last week. I love caramel, but it turns out I don't like caramel pudding. Plus, my rendition was probably not the best ever--it was sort of grainy with some bigger chunks of who knows what floating around. It was awful--and the color! and the wateriness! Anyway, I ended up throwing away half of it this morning, after checking with Francisco to make sure he didn't want it, either.

Trying to be complimentary, he replied that he didn't really want anymore, but that he did like the vanilla pudding that I made last week. Me: "You mean the box that I bought and poured into two cups of milk and whisked for 2 minutes before refrigerating?" Him: "Yes, I liked that."

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this is great