Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Our New Apartment

While we're waiting for Baby Leopard to make his entrance, I'll give you a little virtual tour of our new apartment.

I'm infinitely happy living in a smaller place, especially when it comes to cleaning. Hopefully that will hold true even after the baby is born.

And here, as a bonus, is the changing pad cover I sewed for the baby. Cute fabric, no? (It was as girly as I could get and still be boy-appropriate.)

I also made a crib sheet for the pack n play and a moby wrap. I did this all on a sewing machine that only half works. Francisco dreaded each evening that I tried to sew, because he knew what a bad mood it put me in. But sewing seems like a thing that a mother should do, so I persevered.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, looks beautiful! Papa L

Emily Hale said...

Sure! Glad you like it!

Diana said...

A nesting success!

Emily Hale said...

:) The sewing certainly was the nesting instinct--nothing else can explain how non-nonsensical it was!