Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Diary of Pregnancy

40 weeks:

~ To celebrate my due date, Francisco and I went to Cape May, the cutest town on the Jersey Shore (also very family-friendly, so we're excited to bring Baby Leopard back once he's born).

~ It is so so weird for it to be the beginning of fall and me not to be preparing for classes, whether as a student or as a teacher. That's what I've done for as long as I can remember, and I don't know what to do with myself now that it's not happening. I'm not entirely comfortable with it.

~ This is a tortuously long ending to pregnancy: my body keeps giving me more and more signs that labor is getting closer, then pulls back and everything is normal for a while. And sleep is getting more and more difficult--it's hard to sleep when you're having contractions and wondering if tonight is the night!

~ I cleaned the house once again from top to bottom--this is the ugly cycle of nesting. I'm pretty sure this is the third time I've done this while hoping the baby would arrive. (This is the downside of having my mother come for the birth: having the consummate housekeeper staying with you means that you can't just live like you normally do.)

~ Just had a birth center appointment. The news was not good. It appears to be the case that I will be pregnant forever. Let's just say, they didn't think I was particularly close to giving birth, which is not the news that I was hoping to hear. My husband had to take me out for milkshakes afterward to console me. As my friend wrote,
Going post-due is THE WORST, I totally feel for you, it messes with your head so much and just wears you down. All I did was eat and feel sorry for myself when my first two babies were each 11 days post-due.
I'm committed to just eating and feeling sorry for myself at the moment. Also: the pool closed and I'm pretty sure this is the hottest week of the summer.


Zoraz said...

I just discovered your blog a moment ago upon searching "The Used Food Store" in my search engine. I had no idea anybody else ever called a store that, but I find it amusing. :)
My family all calls one of our "health food" stores in town the Used Food store and we've done so for years.
I just felt that I needed to comment. :)
(Beautifully designed blog!)

Emily Hale said...

Ha--great name for a health food store. Thanks!