Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Diary of Pregnancy: The End

Baby Leopard has arrived, but I'll give you the last bits of my pregnancy diary for completion's sake. You can bet I'll write all about the birth in due time (hopefully before I forget about it--it's already seeming a bit rosier than it was, which is to say, not rosy at all, aside from him arriving). We're all getting to know each other now, and I guess I'm still tired, since I tried to put deodorant on my lips instead of chapstick this morning. 

Still 40 weeks:

~ This made my day: While complaining to the department secretary about being overdue, she wrote:

Hope the time goes fast you little setting hen!
~ I called the midwives today to ask them if I should start using Evening Primrose Oil to hurry this baby up. A nurse called back with a message from a midwife--she said it was fine to use Evening Primrose Oil and also to tell me that she promises that I won't be pregnant forever. She knew exactly what was on my mind.

~ Eating pineapple, which is supposedly a labor-inducer.

When I got home after the birth, my mother tried to feed me pineapple, which just brought back lots of bad memories of contractions. I think I'll stay away from it for a while. The same goes for Evening Primrose Oil. 


Sonetka said...

Congratulations on Baby Leopard! Glad he didn't drag out the wait too long :).

Emily Hale said...

Thanks! Me too!