Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Random Assortment

~ Above: more of the Barnes lobby ceiling.

~ Oh my goodness!! I just learned (late!) from twitter that Iris DeMent's next album is Anna Akhmatova set to music. I'm thrilled.

~ On the music theme: I love that these scientists have a competition involving slipping references to Bob Dylan into their academic writings.

~ Simcha Fisher, hilarious, as always:

Baby #1: A one-hour glucola test? Let me talk to my peers, doctor, and see if they think this is medically necessary.
Baby #10: I get to drink an orange soda all by myself without sharing it? And then I have to wait an hour? In the waiting room? By myself, without doing any errands or playing Legos with anyone or scrambling any eggs? Is there any way it would be more effective if I had to wait two hours, and maybe eat some Snickers bars, too? 

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