Friday, October 17, 2014

A Random Assortment

~ On egg freezing as a job benefit:

Some doctors say egg freezing could be as influential as the birth control pill in freeing women from the confines of biology. Childbirth coincides with prime career-building years, and balancing both is a perpetual challenge.The cover of Bloomberg Businessweek in April blared, “Freeze Your Eggs, Free Your Career.”
Yet by paying for women to delay pregnancy, are employers helping them achieve that balance — or avoiding policies that experts agree would greatly help solve the problem, like paid family leave, child care and flexible work arrangements?
~ And the excellent Onion response: "Facebook Offers To Freeze Female Employees’ Newborn Children."

~ I think I've linked to this before, but another reminder: 700 Free Movies Online. (Especially for Milne and the Beet-roaster, who have no Netflix!)

~ I learned this weekend from Ilana and Stearns that some time ago Williamsport's mayor removed the basketball hoops from a city park (one that all of us have frequented) under questionable circumstances, to say the least (he blamed the removal on drug activity, but there had been no police reports or arrests). Ilana writes, 
"My favorite line: Campana said, “We are looking at a new sport called pickleball. It is the fastest growing sport among senior citizens, and we are looking at putting some courts in there.”"
It seems that racial issues played into the mayor's decision. And it seems that Williamsport is a small town with the all-powerful mayor model. I wish I knew a journalist so I could push him to write about this injustice. 

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