Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Baby Leopard's forehead is glistening in this picture from the oils. His gown is very old; his pacifier, very new. (Thanks for the pacifier, Sr. Margarita: when you gave it to us, I thought I'd never need it, but it turns out we use it every day--there's nothing like a baby for getting rid of all my ideologies.) (Thanks for the picture, Ilana, and for all the baptism pictures!)

Preparing for Baby Leopard's baptism brought me unmoderated joy: his birth was mostly traumatic; his birth into Christianity, on the other hand, is one with no downside; in fact, his birth into Christianity is what makes his physical birth worthwhile. I love him in the knowledge that he'll probably reject a lot of what I teach him and how I raise him; I look forward, though, to raising him in the faith, and baptism is about commending him to God, and about God holding onto him. (Now it makes sense to me why a baptismal gown was the first baby item that I bought.)

I'm really grateful for Baby Leopard's Christian family, so many of whom came into town for his baptism, who will support him in his faith (and who will support us, as we raise him).

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