Monday, October 6, 2014

One Month Old

It occurs to me that I've fed Baby Leopard about 300 times by now, and Francisco and I have changed about that many diapers. That means I've also had 30 nights of punctuated sleep.

Other stats:

--Number of pre-baby days I didn't make my bed: 0
--Number of post-baby days I made my bed: 0 (Francisco made it a couple of times)
--Number of strangers Francisco has threatened to chase away (from being in the same public space as we were), since they looked potentially sick: 2
--Number of baby farts: approximately 1000

It's funny that it's been a month since the birth: I've never been focused on this moment in my whole life so much as I have been since the baby was born; the passing of time on a grand scale is surprising.


Hannah said...

Amazing the volume and quantity of noises that come out of such a small creature.

Also amazing how slowly a day can go by and how quickly all those days can add up to a month!

Emily Hale said...