Monday, October 20, 2014


His skin is so so soft. He curls his toes around my finger when I stroke his foot. His pointy little ears. His uneven breaths. His luscious pouty little lips. The way he sleeps right next to me, face pushed up against my breast, body curled up against my stomach. The way he reaches out in his sleep to make sure I'm still there. The way he curls up in a ball, with his knees against my chest, when he's tired. His expressions, especially when he's filling his diaper, ranging from smiling to frowning to a furrowed brow to sticking out his tongue to making his lips into a circle to raising his eyebrow and crossing his eyes--all in 30 seconds. His varied lengths of hair: from three-quarters of an inch of dark hair in the back to a fine blond fuzz on top. 

My heart is full--I don't want anything to be different than it is. (Okay, okay--I'd take a live-in nanny.)

Another delight: We occasionally try something called Elimination Communication (EC), where you hold a young child over the toilet and make noises and let them go to the bathroom, to move toward early potty training. It makes me laugh so hard when I hear Francisco in the bathroom grunting and Baby Leopard grunting in response. 

He really smiles now (see above). Also, spending the weekend with my family made me realize that he really does like me more than anyone else. I know that this is solely due to the fact that I feed him every couple of hours, but still, it's sweet. Below: wearing daddy's glasses.

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Anonymous said...

Love those glasses.