Sunday, November 23, 2014


I love the way he smiles when I kiss him a thousand times. I love when he is watching me across the room and smiles when I look at him.

Turning over: he turned over for the first time when he was 7 weeks. It was on a mattress while doing tummy time. He just throws his big, heavy head to the side and his body follows. At ten weeks, he did it for the first time on the hard floor. That's a long way for his big head to fall, and it resulted in his frowny face with the lower lip popped out and maybe a few cries. (By the way, his frowny face and protruding lower lip are adorable, too.)

He did really good with his vaccines--I think they hurt me more than they hurt him (as my mother used to say of spankings). He didn't even cry till his second shot, and letting him nurse right afterward made everything better. It still is ridiculous to me that he gets vaccinated for things like polio at two months--couldn't it wait till he is a little older and stronger? It's also ridiculous to me that the vaccination recommendations are universal--they don't vary whether your kid is in daycare or whether he's at home and encounters only family members. 

He has his first cold right now--it's only a stuffy nose so far, but it breaks my heart to see my tiny little innocent boy sick. I'm really hoping I won't have to use that scary suction thing to blow his nose.

Also--at 10 weeks he looked at himself in the mirror for the first time. He stared and stared. Francisco and I are absolutely intrigued by each new thing he can do--we could just sit and watch for ages. 


Anonymous said...

The Kid is really something and so are his parents!

Hannah said...

Aww, what a great little guy!

We follow an 'alternative schedule' that our pediatrician is OK with us doing (which is why we like him!). It basically spaces out Zork's vaccines - he didn't get polio until 9 months. And there are some we are refusing (and some we are just waiting until he is a few years old, at least)

Emily Hale said...

We thought about that, too, although I wasn't quite brave enough and also wasn't too interested in going to the pediatrician much more than I had to (although we did split his 2 month shots into two batches). So much to weigh! It's great that you have a pediatrician that is supportive. (Ideally, I think we'd have a pediatrician who we knew and liked and from whom we could get good advice. Alas.)