Monday, November 10, 2014

Paul Strand

The Philadelphia Art Museum has an exhibit on the photographer Paul Strand at the moment. Cardigan was interested in going, so I agreed to join her, even though I'd never heard of Paul Strand. The exhibit was absolutely great. My favorites were the ones of windows and doors that I included here (not my photos). They remind me of paintings. (Cardigan said that they remind her of Wyeth, which is so true.)

He also did wonderful travel photos of buildings and people and of greenery from the woods and some great abstract photos, too.

I like the one of trees and bikes (below), too. It is a tiny, intricate photo. The quality of the prints is amazing. It made me a) want to pick up my camera again and b) wish I knew the first thing about taking pictures and even how to use my camera besides the shutter button.

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hopkins said...

VERY Wyeth-esque. love them.