Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Random Assortment

Cutest feet ever.

It drives me nuts that Francisco's pictures are all better than mine.

~ This is a great gift: a coloring book by Andy Warhol.

~ Wait: Nick Offerman has a book?!

~ More of Eliot's letters have been released. From a review:

Religion and nationality were paired in Eliot’s mind. “In the end I thought: here I am, making a living, enjoying my friends here,” he wrote. “I don’t like being a squatter. I might as well take the full responsibility.”

We invited some neighbors over for a little Christmas gathering. We weren't sure that any would show up, but three did, so we count it a success. Sadly, hardly anyone ate anything. Why?! We weren't going to poison them! (If I ever go to a party with food, you'd better believe I eat it!)

Anyway, in the case of the German chocolate cake that I made (which doubled as Francisco's birthday cake), it's just as well no one ate it: it's the best cake ever. And I even made it dairy free.


Miss Self-Important said...

I read this and thought of you: The length of the piece was a little excruciating, but in a sense appropriate given the length of her labor.

Emily Hale said...

Oh my goodness--this made me nauseous. And really pretty grateful for my own labor!

Diana said...

I love your setup! So cozy and inviting.