Friday, December 19, 2014

A Theory of Everything

The artsy movie theater in a lovely old building two miles from our house has a great thing: a Wednesday matinee at which you're welcome to bring your baby. Now, we and one other couple were the only ones to do so (the rest of the place was full of gray heads). It was actually delightful to hear the older people, some of whom were hard of hearing, whispering really loudly during the film--they were louder than the babies.

Anyway, we saw The Theory of Everything, which was pretty good as biopics go. It follows the life of Stephen Hawking from the perspective of his wife. The actor who played Hawking did a good job portraying the progression of the disability. The film was romantic and sad.

One great moment of the film was when Stephen was very ill and the doctor wanted to take him off his ventilator. At the time, his wife was falling for another man. Nonetheless, she adamantly maintained that he was to be given every care, that she absolutely wanted him to be kept alive. Would that we were always so respectful of the lives of those with disabilities.

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