Friday, January 2, 2015


I love those little eyes peaking out at me from the stroller. (On Christmas Eve.)

Suddenly at almost four months, he started playing with toys--really engaging with them. It's adorable and amazing. He's also beginning to be aware of his feet; although he can't quite reach them, he tries. (It only took a day or so for him to learn how to grab them--now he routinely sticks his right fist in his mouth and simultaneously grabs his left big toe.)

He can move in a circle on the floor now--lift up his legs, fall over on his side, each time moving a little more to the left until he makes it 360 degrees.

And now, still short of four months, he just learned to propel himself forward a little bit (he made it maybe a foot) by doing something that looks like the worm. 

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Anonymous said...

whaddya' mean. those eyes are huge.