Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Sorry, this installment is picture-less. 

This four-month sleep regression (following lots of quick developments) is no joke--last night I think Baby Leopard woke up 6 times. I haven't been this tired yet. It's just exhausting to have your sleep that chopped up. 

He learned how to do raspberries this week and proceeded to do them all day, non-stop, for a couple of days. Sometimes he does them first thing in the morning. 

His pediatrician was impressed at his four-month appointment: he was looking at her when she talked and then made sounds back at her when she was done talking. She also thought he sat up on his own for a split second, which she said they wouldn't expect till 6 months. I don't need him to be ahead of curves (I don't think), but boy am I ever proud when he is (although I'm sure it doesn't matter in the scheme of things). 

I joined a breast-feeding support group on fb. Although it doesn't matter much, it's a local one associated with my birth center. It's great. So much of parenting at this point is just reading and thinking and then guessing what will work and hoping you're doing the right thing. And then second and third guessing yourself. Anyway, this group gives lots of different (but generally crunchy) responses to your questions. It's great. 

Relatedly, someday I want to write a scholarly article: An Oakeshottian Critique of Baby Scheduling. Do you think APSR would take it? 

On Baby Leopard's second day of daycare, he smiled adoringly at his caregiver when I arrived to take him home. He didn't even look at me. Oh my--how quickly babies forget and adapt. Also: I don't really like him liking anyone better than me; woe to the woman who tries to marry him. 

He's started grabbing both feet--one in each hand. Happy baby stance from yoga, as far as I remember (from back in the days when I exercised). 

Tonight we heard him fussing in the living room from where we were cooking in the kitchen--he sounded pretty mad so we hustled out: Baby Leopard had flipped himself from his back to his front and was getting tired of keeping his head up. After so many months of being unable to move without assistance it is shocking when he does it by himself. (Also, why are babies so averse to laying their head down when they're on their bellies?)

January 18th, 4 and a half months, Baby Leopard's first tooth is peaking out, just as he gets over his very first respiratory infection. He's a pretty good sport about all this. 


Hannah said...

Oh man, the sleep regression. I had such a hard time with that.

And a tooth! Already! I think Zork was 7 months. Glad to hear Baby Leopard seems to be handling it well so far...welcome to the next 2 years of your life!!

Love all the rest of the updates :-) Especially the proud mama and the woe to the future wife :-P

Emily Hale said...

I know--I can't imagine the molars!! So much surface area compared to this sharp little thing!

Anonymous said...

He doesn't like to lay his head down because he thinks you are trying to get him to sleep!