Saturday, February 21, 2015


I don't really like giving Baby Leopard baths, but I realized that I do really like taking a bath with the baby--you get the delight of a bath, plus the prop of an adorable baby who likes to splash and splash. Pretty much perfect. Plus, baths tire him out and get him all ready for bed. 

He's getting just a tiny little bit of hair (hair only a mother would notice)--it's adorable little baby fuzz that springs up after a bath. 

Today in church a little 5-month-old girl (the same age as Baby Leopard) in front of us kept looking at Baby Leopard and smiling. So cute. He was utterly oblivious. After church, there was a little gathering during which Baby Leopard slept in his car seat. At one point I looked down at him and there were two little, little girls sitting in front of him, watching him sleep. One asked if she could give him a hug, when I told her she couldn't since he was sleeping, she kissed his foot. 

I love making him giggle. It's just about the best thing--when he's tired every silly noise you make, every peak-a-boo, every attempt to scare him makes him crack up laughing. And I can't stop trying--I want him to laugh and laugh until he's all laughed out. 


Diana said...

If his laugh is as adorable as his smile, you're completely justified.

Emily Hale said...

It's even cuter:)