Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Random Assortment

~ I always love Economist obituaries, but I especially love this one, about the inventor of Nutella:
At the centre of his business strategy were two women. The first was “la Valeria”, his name for the typical housewife, mother,nonna or aunt who had to decide what to buy every day, who might want a little treat for herself or something, besides kisses, to spoil a favourite child. Unless he could keep her custom, he was finished. His introduction of milkier white chocolate was done with la Valeria in mind, for what could please a mother more than giving milk to her bambino?The second woman was Maria, the Virgin Mary. He could achieve nothing without her. Each morning he prayed to her and placed his business in her hands. Every year he went on pilgrimage to Lourdes, and arranged for his workers to go. (One company legend was that the shape of Ferrero Rochers was inspired by the grotto there.) A statue of the Virgin, with white robe and golden rosary, stood at the entrance of every Ferrero office and factory round the world. Under her influence, he and his foundation channelled much of his wealth back to Piedmont.

~ A fashion show celebrating motherhood. I love it. (Also, all the black dresses are sublime.)

~ Facades. (Literal facades.)

~ From the author of that book, After Birth, which I mentioned in this space before:

The only people I know who did just fine in the postpartum period are those who score the triumvirate: well cared for in birth, surrounded by supportive peers, helpful elders to stay with them for a time.

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