Saturday, March 14, 2015

Baby's Room

The baby's room is more fixed up than it has been thus far. But it's not just the baby's room: it's also our guest room and our storage room, so it will never be terribly cohesive. But finally we hung some things on the walls, including his baptismal gown.

And this is the first time I've gotten to show you these adorable bookends, a gift from Diana.

I can't show you the Pennsylvania Dutch fractur that Stearns made Baby Leopard for his birthday, because it has his name on it. But it's really, really beautiful.

Sadly, I guess you're supposed to hand zero things above the crib, so that part of the room isn't too exciting:

Is that why so many nurseries have paintings on the walls?

And, totally unrelated, Francisco just picked up one of my favorites:


Anonymous said...

Fewer pictures of his things and room, please, and more pictures of the BABY!

hopkins said...

so so sweet.