Sunday, March 1, 2015

Quick Notes

I think about writing blog posts often, but sadly actually writing things down is much rarer.

A couple of thoughts: Why is laundry the worst chore ever? Also, why do I always end up doing laundry during precipitation? (Today: freezing rain.)

Baby Leopard is just shy of six months and got his first food to play with today. This kid is spirited and started eating right away. He demolished some zucchini and a bit of meatball.

What I realized when I was telling my mother about it: I forgot a bib. Rookie mistake.

Also, Francisco and I went out for brunch today after church. Baby Leopard slept through most of it and we had a very sane adult conversation about our work and not about the baby. It was really refreshing.

Also, Baby Leopard has taken to rolling multiple times across the floor. It's not crawling, but the kid can move around. My mother is insisting we install the baby gate immediately.

Also, Baby Leopard has started biting. Pray for me. (This may be sacrilegious, but I'm not sure if you need Lent when you're a mother/parent: this past six months has involved more sacrificing than I ever dreamed of.)


Hannah said...

Oh. The biting. Zork drew blood once.

(he didn't nurse for much longer after that...but that was for a number of reasons)

Emily Hale said...

On no! I can't imagine!!

hopkins said...

there's a great letter from Francis de Sales to an expectant mother, who is super scrupulous about lenten penance. He says, quite simply: "you will not lack mortifications." So do what you can and don't fret about what you cannot do.

(Stearns has the book this letter is in. I'd photo copy it for you but then I'd have to get a photocopier AND actually mail something...)

Emily Hale said...

Ain't that the truth. I'll ask her to borrow it!