Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Random Assortment

~ I'm not sure if I agree with this take, but I do love Barbara Pym.

~ I don't quite agree with this take, but I do think internet shaming is a really bad thing. Mostly I'm not sure I'm against social mores in the way that this author seems to be, but I think when you apply social mores in a detached, de-personalized, technological realm (like the internet) they become more insidious.

~ I love Bill Cunningham. This barely has anything to do with fashion; mostly it's just about spring and expresses his sense of wonder (could he possibly use "wonderful" any more often?). I have a suspicion that the man's a saint.

~ I like this blog, which I discovered through Myrrh's pinterest. (Do you read it, Myrrh?) It's all about color in the form of quilts, flowers, and stained glass. Also, she's British. From her latest post on giving blood:

Giving blood is easy, making an appointment to give blood is easy, and drinking tea and eating biscuits afterwards is easy.

Of course British people drink tea and eat biscuits after giving blood! As far as I remember from back in the day, in America, we have cookies and soda. (I'm not knocking America here, though--some immediate sugar can be really good post-blood giving.)

~ On a personal note, I just met a big work deadline (although next week will be even crazier), and now have an enormous pile of back-grading to catch up on this weekend. So hard to motivate myself when the weather is fine.

Also, yesterday I bought our summer pool pass! So excited!

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