Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Random Assortment

~ Rest in peace, Gilbert Blythe. Avonlea is a

a gorgeous agrarian world allowing for both puff sleeves and female ambition. 

The author repeats her friend's claim that "the best kind of romantic movie involves impassioned gazing," which I sort of buy--the obvious example of this is Pride and Prejudice.

And Gilbert Blythe, because he was the romantic ideal and a feminist, in his way—always respecting Anne’s intellect and ambitions, competing with her and admiring her academically—was an encouraging example of what teenagerdom and a loving gaze might have in store.

I love the movie: it's about home, friendship, family, and this piece is right: impassioned gazing. It praises intelligence, creativity, and independence. Just rewatched it and cried during all the Matthew scenes.

~ Quite a picture; quite a description

~ "We Have Always Been Talking about Headscarves," on the good and bad of civil associations.

~ We're watching The Wire at the moment; very fitting for what's in the news. Here's David Simon on Baltimore. (Side note: last time through I only made it to season 4. Now that we're back to season 4, I realize why I had to stop watching--the kids in the school break my heart. )

~ I didn't like this slideshow on architects' and interior designers' favorite rooms, so I thought I'd give you three of my own:

Marianne Moore's living room. Complete with a footstool from T.S. Eliot and a drawing by e.e. cummings, it's a literary dream.

The living room at Fallingwater, even though, in general, I hate open floor plans. Frank Lloyd Wright was a genius, even though his stuff has to be propped up. The stones in the floor were glazed to remind one of the stones in the creek below, and there are steps from the middle of the living room to the creek, in case you're seized by the urge to do some wading (or want a breeze from the water).

The Peacock Room, now housed at the Freer, is just wonderful. A Whistler masterpiece. From the ceiling to the walls, everything is detailed and delightful. It just needs some furniture.

Please, add to this list. What are your favorite rooms?


Cardigan said...

I just saw "Far the Madding Crowd" starring Carey Mulligan. She has three suitors, so you can imagine all the prolonged gazing that happens.

Emily Hale said...

Oh! Did you like it??