Sunday, May 17, 2015

New York--High Line

Thanks to the world's best babysitters, Stearns and Ilana, Francisco and I got to sneak away to New York for an afternoon and evening (it was the longest I've been away from the baby since he was born).

The purpose of our trip was Edge's wedding, which was wonderful. She wore a floor-length magenta gown and just did things her own way, which I admire.

Especially since doing things her own way involved one of the best meals of my life.

Her father quoted from Tocqueville in his speech, which was a highlight of the evening. (I've been to a wedding that involved Plato's Symposium; Wendell Berry made it into our reception; now Tocqueville: I love it.)

But before we went to the wedding, Francisco and I got to take a walk on the High Line (all these pictures are from that) and enjoy coffee in a garden.

(We first visited the High Line together when it was being built almost exactly four years ago. That was also the first of, it turns out, many New York trips together.)

What a wonderful afternoon, with lots of interesting views.

So here's to Edge and her new husband! Wishing you both happiness and adventure!

(Oh, and one last picture--not from the High Line.)


Hannah said...

Jayber's parents just got home from a trip to NYC...they walked the high line too! :-)

Emily Hale said...

Ha! When I told me mother about it, she said, "Hey--I know what the High Line is!"--very proud of herself:)

gypsy said...

I want to see the magenta gown! (But also appreciated the High Line photos)

Emily Hale said...

Sadly, I took no photos and Edge isn't on fb!:(