Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More Movies

Child's Pose

We picked out this movie on a bit of false pretenses: Papa Leopard remembered reading about it in WORLD magazine, but when we checked out the article, it turns out it was only mentioned. As in, the Romanian movie, Child's Pose won an award at the Berlin Film Festival.

Regardless, we ended up with this movie, which was artsy as can be--the ending was shocking, and not for the reason that endings usually are, but for its location in the narrative arc. An obsessive mother tries to get her son off for a traffic accident in which the boy he hit died. The mother is a combination of Carmela Soprano and Lucille Bluth (without the comedy). It's a slow-moving, but fascinating character study.

The Trotsky

The movie is a high school drama. And the whole premise is pretty weird. But the main character is excellent.


Way too violent for my tastes. It's like a comic book (from whence it came). The whole thing is a young boy's fantasy. Like a video game.

American Sniper

Oh my goodness--this one raised all the emotions. Movies that deal with violence to children particularly kill me. The story is very compelling.

Coal Miner's Daughter

Another emotional one. And possibly the first biopic that has been my choice to rent. They had quite hard lives and relationships, but country singer Loretta Lynn is tough through it all.

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Ilana said...

I can't properly read the word "biopic" on your blog because it sends me into a frenzy. BIOpic? BioPIC?