Saturday, June 6, 2015

Stumbling into Motherhood

Turns out, I do have time to read, but only if the book is about babies. Making Babies is a self-deprecating, little-bit sarcastic, little-bit funny set of reflections on motherhood. Some of the reflections I identified with; some I didn't.

She was hilarious when making fun of crunchy mothers--referring to bed-sharing, baby-wearing, home-birth-having mothers in such a way that they sound ridiculous. (She compares having a baby to being run over by a car in one passage, and you find it insane that someone would choose to be run over by a car from home.) I also thought her comparison of an umbilical cord to a baroque column to be genius. As is her description of navigating the new relationships of a family with a baby as triangular love.

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