Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More Movies

The Missing Picture

Really moving depiction of life under the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. It really brings political theory down to earth by portraying the horrors of its Marxist ideology.

The Guards

Cardigan picked this one out, because she just saw Calvary. It was really funny (sometimes on the verge of corny). I really enjoyed it. And there are similarities to Calvary, too, in Gleeson's imperfect magnanimity in the face of difficult circumstances (in addition to having lots of the same cast and crew).

Father Brown

Pretty (very) corny, but the Fr. Brown character is a good one. Light tv.

The Thin Man

We watched this as it should be watched, while drinking manhattans in champagne coupes.

The fashion is just so great (not to mention the style and the witty repartee and the love):


hopkins said...

I haven't had time to read any blogs recently, but after seeing you I had to catch up. The Thin Man is one of the greatest movies of ALL TIME. It has everything! Murder! Love! Hilarious punchlines! Fabulous dresses!

Emily Hale said...

I want to watch all of them!

And poor that you have no time to read blogs!!!