Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Random Assortment

~ Sex/gender stuff is fascinating, including when applied to sports.

~ Best Modern Love in a while:

“If you are Nikolina from Mostar then I have been your boyfriend since 5th grade. Please get back to me, so we can figure out what to do.”
~ I hate food trends (most trends, really), so I liked this article. Although I agree with the author--it was missing cheese. That and red meat, a must for women, I think.

~ Not a fan of this trend, which seems motivated by social media. The time after you have a baby is for resting and recovering and nursing. All of which are tricky and take a lot of time. I feel so fortunate that I had people to take care of me and no one to bother me in the week after Baby Leopard arrived. Because childbirth is physically and emotionally taxing and it's nothing that a blowout and a makeup job are going to fix. (There are pictures of me and the baby in the birth center, but no one will ever see them: I'm white as a sheet and utterly wiped out--I'm not sure I even managed a smile.)

~ The sanest thing (shock! it's from Simcha) I've read on parental leave in a while:
Women can't have it all, and neither can men. Working and raising a family means making sacrifices -- but, if employers are willing to be more flexible and imaginative, those sacrifices don't need to be intolerable. The goal of making life easier for working moms is a very pro-life goal.  
~ Also love this from Simcha on a community fridge.

~This is great; he sounds insane.


Miss Self-Important said...

I also don't understand why the standard FB birth announcement features photos of women in the hospital immediately after labor. I mean, the newborns are cute, but the women look terrible. Why not just wait and post a photo a few days later? The baby will still be cute, and you will at least look alive.

Emily Hale said...

The obsession with immediacy compels us, right?

Miss Self-Important said...

I suppose. I do understand taking photos at the hospital for your own edification, but not for the edification of your 8th grade math teacher.

Emily Hale said...

Yes--on fb you share the news with everyone at once--usually no distinction for close friends and family.