Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Random Assortment

~ "He, also, had a mother."

~ Oh, Philadelphia:

The customer, a girl who was having a late lunch, found a roach in her dish of Thai noodles and complained, said Lt. Andy Block. The waiter brought her another dish of noodles but that also contained a roach, Block said.
I ate there this summer; might be a while till I return. (Via Francisco)

~ Stephen Colbert, profound: "I love the thing that I most wish had not happened."

~ Francisco and I have discussed opening up a tiny restaurant called, "Trend," which switched its food regularly depending on the trend of the moment. Well, this week our imaginary restaurant switched (following cupcakes, gelato and whoopie pies) to toast.

~ These pictures of a farm are my favorite in a while from a typically more urban STL photographer.


Hannah said...

On toast... I had no idea this was a thing (seems as though I'm out of the loop on a number of things). However, I am currently addicted to a toasted piece of our fresh Amish-made bread with coconut butter (newly discovered deliciousness) and plum jam (that my mother made with the yellow plums from a tree in our yard)

Emily Hale said...

That sounds amazing. I've never even heard of coconut butter!