Thursday, December 17, 2015


13 months

Imagination: We gave him his own little set of dishes, which my mom bought. He loves dishes (and the play kitchen at daycare). He pretended to drink from the cup, and it amused him; the first hint of imagination.

14 months 

More molars; not that fun. And it's the beginning of cold and cough season and diarrhea. Bleh. And we're sleep training in preparation for me leaving for one night (and two days). This is the least sleep I've gotten so far. 

Today at the grocery store, while Baby Leopard was uber-tired, I was knocking on a lot of cantaloupes to see if they were ripe. (I mean a lot--our grocery store is changing owners, so their usual crappy produce selection was infinitely worse.) At some point in the knocking, it struck the baby as funny and he dissolved into giggles. Store employees, bored as they were nearly empty getting ready to switch into a new grocery store started flocking over to watch him giggle. One said, "This should be on youtube: baby laughs at cantaloupes." 

Jokes: I love seeing his sense of humor develop. For instance: he teases me, pretending he's going to give me some of his food, and then snatching it back just as I'm about to take a bite. Or he puts his hairbrush in his mouth as if it's a toothbrush, and then cracks up laughing. Or he puts a bucket on top of his head and walks around just to be silly. 

What a Thanksgiving: Roseola (a fever then a rash), then a cold (runny nose and now a bad cough). Two days of waking up at 4:45 am (thank heavens for my dad, who wakes up early and takes him in the morning). Holidays are just not that restful with a kid. Then the stomach bug.

We've entered the throwing-things-in-the-toilet phase: it was his shovel (twice) last week and yesterday my umbrella. He's as fast as a whip and smiles once it's done. 

15 months 

Baby Leopard now entertains us by dancing in the evening--he can twirl and twirl. Or pick up one of his toys and use it as a prop. He knows what to do when the music comes on. 

Nursing is now "ni-ni" and he asks for it all the time. 

Major daycare drama. This is all too much for me. 


Hannah said...

I have a hysterical video of Harriet laughing at Zork pretending to drink from a cup. Clearly we adults are missing out on something.

Zork does the exact same thing! Offers food and snatches it away! Haha, so funny how kiddos experience so many similar things.

Ugh. Roseola. That was the mystery virus that kept us from going to Punta Cana last last summer. And ugh, too many sicknesses after! I’m finally on antibiotics for my cough (going on 8 weeks now)…hoping this will kick it!

Sorry for all the craziness! I'm about to write a post about our day...

Emily Hale said...

Wow--I hope you feel better for Christmas! We all just got a new cold, so hopefully we'll be over that by then, too. Crazy how much sickness comes with babies!