Friday, January 15, 2016

More Movies

Closer to the Moon

A Francisco pick I initially resisted, but am glad I gave in. A Romanian film made in English, it treats the topic of resistance (to Communism) in the light-hearted telling of dark events that reminds me a bit of Life is Beautiful.

This is Where I Leave You

This was so terrible that Francisco lost movie-choosing privileges for a month. This was the terrible cliched movie with everyone famous and delightful in it and with nothing else going for it.

The Seven Year Itch

I thought I'd never seen this, but it turns out I had. Doesn't mean it isn't still delightful. I even saw Francisco smiling, and he doesn't typically go for the screwball comedies.


Saw this in the theater with Cardigan for a Christmas treat. Boy, this one pulls on your heartstrings.

Searching for Bobby Fischer

This one was really a downer--not a lot of hope in this story, although it is a fascinating portrait of genius and politics.

Star Wars VII

This was excellent and delightful and every good thing. What fun. And I saw it in 3D, which I'd never seen before. (I wouldn't want to see many movies that way, but it's a fun novelty.)

Testament of Youth

Oh my goodness, this was so so so incredibly sad. And perhaps a bit too psychological. No one told me it was going to be sad--I should have researched the movie myself and not just let Francisco put it on with no explanation.

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