Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Hard Problem

Thanks to Ilana's stellar babysitting skills (Baby Leopard just waves me away when I try to say good-bye), Francisco and I got to see Tom Stoppard's The Hard Problem at the Wilma in Philly.

We both really enjoyed the play--it is philosophical (about the problem of consciousness and religion v. materialism) (although, as Francisco points out, it isn't just philosophical--the main character is also well-developed) and funny. And the acting wasn't bad, although I must admit that I saw far more of the actors' underwear than I anticipated.

The play was acted in the round, which was nicely staged. And the play was punctuated by a saxophonist who was also sort of a God-figure (or at least a figure of beauty and art). I'm not sure if that's original to the play or they made it up, but it was nice and different.

Although: the actors all took it on themselves to affect British accents--I'm not really sure why they did that: sure, the characters attend British schools and I guess it's set in England, but we know you're not English and it's distracting, ok?

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