Wednesday, March 9, 2016

An Ode to Our Neighborhood

I've mentioned here before how much we love our neighborhood--we're constantly grateful for it and loathe to leave. Now that we are staring another move in the face, paralyzed with dread at our third move in three years of marriage (and our first move with a kid), I think it's appropriate to sing the praises of our current place.

We can walk to basically all our errands and many of our recreations. Of the latter--the library, the pool, the park, a very nice coffee shop, thrift stores, our really awesome movie store, the best donuts we've ever eaten, great Mexican food. Of the former--our bank, beer and wine stores (two different stores, since we're in good old PA), our dentist, our pediatrician, a Trader Joe's, a mechanic, the kid's daycare. There's another grocery store a longer walk away. There's an excellent movie theater two miles away. And we're a short train ride from Center City. I can take a train or bus to work (embarrassingly, I typically drive). Basically we live in walkability paradise and I don't expect we'll ever find such a delightful, convenient place again.

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