Friday, March 18, 2016

New York

We had a great visit with Salinger and her family in NYC last month.

We've been to NYC lots of times for art galleries and plays, but this time was baby-centric, since there were two in our group.

We started Bryant Park, and then, after lunch, walked up to Central Park while the kids napped on our backs (Francisco's, not mine). Then we watched the horsies (neigh!) pull carriages through the park and played at a playground and saw the seals jumping from outside of the petting zoo (actually I think I liked that more than Little Leopard did) and watched the very cool clock with the animals going around in circles (when it finished, Little Leopard said, "More!").

Not my picture.

The weather was good, the babies napped on our backs, and the day couldn't have been better. We even got to visit some other friends in the city, who have an apartment where we could put up our feet and eat pizza (and drink champagne).

And Little Leopard loved the choo-choo. And we even ran into Ilana on the train on the way home.

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