Monday, March 7, 2016


At dinner last night, with people who had, from what I can tell, memorized all of Aristotle, this passage came up:

"A parent knows better what has come from him than the children know that they are from the parent; and the parent regards his children as his own more than the product regards the maker as its own. For a person regards what comes from him as his own, as the owner regards his tooth or hair or anything; but what has come from him regards its owner as its own not at all, or to a lesser degree. The length of time also matters. For a parent becomes fond of his children as soon as they are born, but the children become fond of the parent when time has passed and they have acquired some comprehension or [at least] perception. And this also makes it clear why mothers love their children more [than fathers do]." --Book VIII, 12.2

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