Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Children's Book Blogging, What We're Reading Edition

What Little Leopard calls, Shovel Book. We brought it back for him from our trip to NYC.

I've been wanting to blog about the books I read and think about these days for some time. Just now getting around to it.

Graham Greene wrote children's books! Purportedly to help out one of his mistresses, who was an illustrator. Sadly, this one wasn't illustrated by her.

This one is still a little long for Little Leopard, but he does love choo choos, so it was at the top of the rotation for a while. It has very agrarian themes about the good of small town life and the corruption of the city. I haven't read Greene's others yet.

This was a wonderful serendipitous find in a thrift store in NY. Great, detailed illustrations, no words. And stories from the life of Christ hidden in the pages. (As if Christ were born and raised in Italy, but still.)

This one is great--it combines dogs and cars, the two best things ever. Little Leopard learns so much from this--now he talks about big dogs and says go and stop and top--tree.

Our wonderful neighbor gave us this one (and some others). Boy becomes friend with dog. Little Leopard loves it.

Aunt Ilana got us this one. So much fun--the book has a great tempo, building to the climax. Plus, Little Leopard likes finding all the family members in the pictures (although the mom looks a little young and is hard to pick out).


Hannah said...

Fantastic!! Zork absolutely loves The Little Train. He has an incredible attention span (with books) for 2 year old.

Emily Hale said...

So glad he likes it! And that he can read the whole thing!!