Friday, May 6, 2016

Children's Book Blogging, What We're Reading Edition

This had a good review in the NYTimes and was about Jesus, so I had to request it from the library. So glad I did--it's really well done (although some of the miracles are out of order).

The story focuses on two things: language and fish. The disciples are fishermen, who follow Christ to become fishers of men. Christ is the one who provides fish and bread to his followers and walks on water. He also performs miracles just by speaking--this captures the creative power of language, practiced by the one who created language.

The most wonderful illustration is Jesus healing a leper--he puts his arm around him. What a moment. And the author notes, that now the boy is no longer a leper, and can have another name.

The other great moment of the book is when Jesus kneels in front of a little girl and asks her to give her basket of bread and fish to feed the whole crowd.

The first time we started to read this book, Little Leopard got creeped out and made me put it back on the shelf. Now he likes it. A gift from Sayers.

This one we have read many, many times. And I find philosophically interesting.

Another favorite. It's always been a pretty tedious book to me.

I bought this book years ago in order to cut out the pictures and use them on nursery walls (the book is a little ripped up so I thought it wouldn't be good for reading). Well, I never got around to framing the pictures and Little Leopard likes it, so it's part of our library.

This was a surprise in the mail from Hannah--illustrated by pictures by Matisse! Little Leopard especially likes the goldfish.

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