Friday, May 20, 2016

More Movies

Eye in the Sky

Didn't like it. I guess it's a revealing picture of modern (global, technological, bureaucratized) warfare. But it reminded me of Twelve Angry Men--such a slow, slow suspense.

Blade Runner

Set in the far, distant future of 2019, Blade Runner depicts a politically-vague but constantly surveilled future that isn't bright. It's dark and shabby and poor and run-down (except for the giant, probably evil corporation). It asks us what it means to be human, in the face of the need to control and eliminate the very human-like replicants (who only lack emotions, and it seems they can put their own together after a while) created by the corporation. Maybe in the future government will only exist to mop up the problems created by businesses?

We watched the Director's Cut, which I think was a mistake--I think next time we need the Final Cut. But our confusion wasn't entirely our own fault, since there are seven cuts.

Also, it was observed that Harrison Ford was quite good looking in his youth. Oh honey, he ain't never stopped looking good.

The Hunger Games

I think that this is the most disturbing premise for a movie I've ever encountered. I suppose Katniss comes out with most of her honor and even games this system a (little) bit. But the whole thing is pretty sick and makes you feel one of the viewers without whom such a horrible spectacle would not exist.


I like Gattaca. It explores the possible tyranny of science over us. As our technological abilities grow, how will the predictions that we can make based on our genes attempt to control our behavior. And where is the space for passion and spiritedness in distinguishing ourselves and achieving excellence?


Cardigan said...

I agree about Hunger Games EH. Why does no one talk about how gruesome and disturbing the premise of this series is?

Emily Hale said...

I know--and is there even good social commentary behind it? I mean, reality television and I guess televised fighting?? Sports?

Hannah said...

Oh! I agree! There were a lot of things that bothered me about that story. I felt like I was the only one talking about how violent it is...and the juxtaposition of violence and teen love no less.

I read the books and they are way more gruesome and detailed than the movies. And I knew a woman reading the series with her 9 year old daughter. I don't really get it!

Emily Hale said...

Oh wow--I assumed that the books were less graphic, not more! Crazy. I don't plan to see the other movies, although they do know how to leave you hanging and draw you in.