Friday, June 17, 2016


We're counting down to our move and squeezing in a few last items on our Philly to-do list. Here are some pictures from the Swedenborgian cathedral.

In addition to being architecturally stunning (and in many ways, traditional), it is theologically fascinating: The Swedenborgians believe that the book of Revelation has already come to pass and Christ has returned for the second time in something like his truth and wisdom (as opposed to his physical body, I think).

Their sacred book is the Old and New Testaments together with "The Writings" (of Swedenborg himself).

The Writings, I think, are believed to give the proper understanding of the Old and New Testaments. (So the key iconography--unlocking the Old and New Testaments--is prominent.) As is the horse, which I take to be a reference to the book of Revelation.

There is a lot of the Old Testament in their stained glass--Aaron is there for instance, and a lot of Hebrew letters, as well as the Star of David in the floor all the way up the main aisle.

The grounds were really lovely, as well.

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