Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Basement of the Library

There are two parts of the library--the new part and the old part. Whenever the computer catalog tells me I need a book that starts with "A" through "D," I cringe. That means the old part of the library. Walking through it is like being part of a horror film. Each light flickers on, controlled by motion detectors, just after you walk past. Click, click, click, click, the lights turn on behind you, and you strode, feigning bravery, into the dark.

And after about 30 seconds of browsing through a book, click, the light above you goes out again. You wave your arms furiously, trying to get it to turn back on so you can see, and so that the library monsters don't get you. That doesn't work, so you stand up and walk around and it clicks back on for another precious few seconds. This process is repeated for the duration of your browsing, which you keep as brief as possible for obvious reasons.

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