Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Random Assortment

~ More on Bill (this is about his funeral). I seriously love him:

On days when the vending machines would malfunction, he would call everyone over and hit the numbers to hand out free sodas.

~ The pillbox hat is sublime. I want one.

~ Ha! Saint Frances and Saint Clare Double Date with Evita and Thoreau. (via Hopkins)

~ I'm not generally one for NYTimes op-eds, but I thought The Myth of Cosmopolitanism was exceptional.

~ America's exceptionalism.

~ Low Milk Supply 101. Because I'm frustrated when my friends get pushed into panicking by uninformed pediatricians. (This particular friend does not read my blog, but still.) Medicine should be about educating women so that they can make informed decisions, not about scaring them.

~ E.B. White on the "Meaning of Democracy"

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