Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Random Assortment

~ On disability and prisons. (via Francisco)

~ Donald Trump in poetry. More Trump:

“Now it was the summer of Trump, it was the autumn of Trump, it was the Christmas of Trump,” he said. “It was everything.”

His speech after the convention was way more interesting, with way better delivery, than his convention speech.

~ Also convention-inspired: PAL on Peter Thiel.

~ Since First Things ran an interesting (currently paywalled) piece on Barbara Pym this weekend, she's on my mind. Here's an old piece they published on her. And "How pleasant to know Miss Pym," written to praise her in '71, when her new novels weren't being published, yet simultaneously incredibly condescending (a condescension which is unwarranted):

Occasionally there are lapses into the idiom of the Woman's Page (there are too many cosy 'It so happened that's), and references to foreign literature, philosophy and other esoteric matters are sometimes awkward. But though Miss Pym is soon out of her depth, she quickly returns to the shallow placid waters of which she is mistress. (sic)

That couldn't be less true.

~ Also at First Things, an LDS physician on NFP. Need any more acronyms?

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