Thursday, August 25, 2016


20.5 months

Little Leopard crosses himself when we pray before meals--a primitive crossing from shoulder to shoulder. Also, he can identify crosses on churches and crosses himself then, too. (Pretty hard to explain death to him, though.)

21 months

A plastic coat hanger is a shape shifter--it goes from vacuum cleaner to umbrella to shovel to street cleaning machine. (The street cleaning machine means it takes a very long time to walk to daycare.) 

Chester (his established nickname--only I call him that--so I might as well use it on the blog) also performs an elaborate mime of covering himself with sunscreen (something we do together every morning now that it's summer). In the middle, he sometimes throws in a quick imitation of a statue of a policeman in our neighborhood

Tonight, out of nowhere, he counted to ten!

21.5 months

When I run after him it's like he gets turbo charged and runs faster than ever and I can barely catch him. 
He loves playing at the pool. 

22 months

His communication skills are skyrocketing. We can have conversations now. His memory is also incredible--he can fill in the end of lots of Mother Goose nursery rhymes. 

He must have learned, "No Way!" said with great emphasis from daycare. 

22.5 months

He is obsessed with "baskeball" (which he ​sometimes ​abbreviates as "baske") and "tendis." He has slept with a badmin​t​o​n ​racket (which he calls a tennis racket) at least once. 

He loves our extended visit at my parents--he thinks he's a big boy helping out in the garden (eating Papa's green beans and cucumbers as if they're corn on the cob, which is his favorite). And at my parents he plays outside all the time, which is the ideal for my little boy. 

He can jump now and is just starting to be able to categorize according to color. He also sometimes now says "thank you" of his own accord. 

​His favorite songs for lullabies are 1) "I've Been Working on the Railroad" and 2) "Swing Low."​

​23 months

He started doing some things on his own without needing me to prompt him! After going to the park for instance, he came in and took off his shoes and drank some water. Insane!​

​He has enjoyed watching some horsies jumping and shot put on the Olympics. 

​After a week at his new daycare, he seems to finally be settling in, which is a relief. Although a new curiosity is that he seems to wear his fisherman hat 24/7 at school--inside and outside and even during naptime. I guess it's his comfort item. Also, they told me that he adopted the yellow chair in the classroom as his and always insists on sitting on it. 

He is very good at interacting with people--he says, "How do you do?" and shakes people's hand when he meets them. He's also super chatty--he wants to tell everyone how someone hit our car and then illustrates by hitting whatever is near him with his hand. He thinks someone literally got out of their car and walked up to our car and hit it with their hand, which is why the car is now at the car doctor, the mechanic. 

Nana made some great toys out of cardboard boxes, which he loves--one box is a stove, another piece of cardboard is a monitor attached to his keyboard, another is a car. 

He transitioned to a big boy bed now that we're at our new place. More waking up at night for a week and then all was well. 

23.5 months

He's now starting to sing songs and pick out letters--especially the first letter of his name, which he thinks belongs to him and which he finds everywhere (he even thought he saw it in a step-ladder stored on a wall). 

We feel really bad making him move, although he's been really resilient. But every once and a while when we were walking to our new apartment, he would say, "I want to go home." Meaning our old home. 

We are fast approaching his two year birthday and the only things I've bought him are three books (and they're my favorite books, too, not even his!). Poor kid. On the other hand, a Dutch friend of mine told me that his parents got him two books every year for his birthday, so maybe it's a good tradition? 


Anonymous said...

Reading about his milestones makes me "Chester"-sick.

Hopkins said...

'How do you do?' ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️