Tuesday, August 9, 2016


In honor of the feast of Edith Stein: 

Are you the master who builds the eternal cathedral,Which towers from the earth through the heavens?Animated by you, the columns are raised highAnd stand immovably firm.Marked with the eternal name of God,They stretch up to the light,Bearing the dome,Which crowns the holy cathedral,Your work that encircles the world:Holy Spirit God's molding hand! 
                       --from her novena of the Holy Spirit

And from a poem she wrote on Good Friday, according to the internet:

Today I stood with you beneath the cross 
And felt more clearly than I ever did 
That you became our Mother only there. 
But those whom you have chosen for companions 
To stand with you around the eternal throne, 
They must stand with you beneath the Cross, 
And with the lifeblood of their bitter pains, 
Must purchase heavenly glory for those souls 
Whom God's own Son entrusted to their care.

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Hopkins said...

Happy feast!