Thursday, September 8, 2016

Settling In

We've had a bit of a bumpy landing into the midwest. Nothing has really managed to go smoothly: Despite good yelp reviews, the movers we hired managed to pack things completely wrong, which resulted in four smashed bookshelves, a smashed table, and the only thing we have that's worth anything--our recently reupholstered couch--being broken. (It turns out that the second most valuable thing we own is my retainer, which evidently costs $900 to replace and I am so happy that we finally found it! Oh, the things that we've misplaced during the move, and are waiting to resurface.)

And after that it was one thing after another, big and small--realizing the hot and cold on the washer at our new apartment were switched; realizing that there was a leak in the pipes; finding hundreds of maggots in the trash can the day after we put the trash out; finding that our apartment faces a major highway; being disappointed in the new daycare; being thwarted in our attempt to get a new driver's license by an extra space after the prefix of the name on Francisco's passport; having our parked car hit by a person driving down the road; negotiating extensively with the insurance company to have it taken care of.

I'm sure the list will continue and there are things on it I don't want to mention here. Let's just say, I'm tired, my house still isn't unpacked, and I'm sick of social events, as ridiculously nice as everyone around here is.

The nice things that we've encountered so far: I really, really like my job. And I like being at a small school a lot.

There's a great farmer's market two blocks from our house. And this isn't bs fru-fru stuff. This is real farmers selling eggs and fruits and vegetables and free range meat. And it's affordable.

The library in the town is incredible, with an indoor play place for kids. The town is incredibly walkable--it's two blocks for me to get to school, and another block and a half to get to daycare. And every time we go out, we run into someone (or lots of someone's) from school. Even on our after dinner walk tonight, we visited with one of my colleagues. (Did I mention that everyone is friendly?)

Also Mama Leopard and Ilana came out with us to help us get settled and watch the kid. And what a wonderful help they were--they helped smooth Little Leopard's transition and unpacked our kitchen and bathroom, which remain the only unpacked things, but nothing else is really necessary, is it?


Anonymous said...

Maybe Grandpapa Leopard and I can come out and help with the rest of the unpacking!I wish.

Emily Hale said...


Miss Self-Important said...

Moving with baby somehow makes everything 10x as difficult, even though moving the actual baby isn't hard at all. I think the main issue for us has been that, in the past, we've sold all our furniture, thrown the cat into a bag, moved to a new city and just did all the logistical things in a week - set up utilities, make the Ikea and Costco runs, buy a bunch of stuff from Craigslist. But now, there is the car, the childcare, the new job things like poring over and setting up benefits options, finding a pediatrician, the re-setting up of furniture we actually brought with us (never happened before), plus all the shopping has to be staggered so that the baby can nap on schedule. So we're also still moving in and haven't finished unpacking.

It does make me think that our wandering years are probably coming to an end, since if moving were always this hard, I'm sure I'd have done much less of it in the past.

Emily Hale said...

Yes, agreed. It's a lot easier to move when you load up your stuff in a car. But I think this is the third time I've moved all my stuff in as many years:(

Hopkins said...

I'm so sad about the couch!!! I hope you're able to claim something against them, not that it's really replaceable.