Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Random Assortment

~ I love this--animal sounds in different languages. I remember discovering the difference in Slovakia years ago and being fascinated.

~ What we're eating: Smitten Kitchen's Indian Cauliflower soup (so so good), Beef and cabbage stir fry (an easier version of pigeons--my favorite thing ever), and New England clam chowder (any recipe that has the ingredients we have).  And of course, always chili from September to March.

~ Catholics and the Politics of the Family

~ Why are we so far from NYC??

~ A wonderful meditation on disability, children, and motherhood.

~ On double solitude (add a kid to that and ain't nobody got solitude!).

~ On the monstrosity of childbirth:

The willowy midwife and the petite female obstetrician who was on-call brought in a big broad-shouldered male doctor, a henchman really, toting a ventouse that looked like some kind of medieval torture device. He pushed a small rubber cup into my vagina, then torqued his wrist as he screwed it into place, suctioned onto the baby’s head. My uterus contracted, the big guy pulling hard and steadily while I bore down. I moaned, and there was the cacophony of encouragement at high volume around me until — POP! With an audible thwap, the little cup flew out of my vaginal canal, and blood splattered all over him. The room seemed to gasp, and my husband and I shrieked. Later we realized we both thought that the baby’s head had popped off. This idea was mostly ridiculous, but also: totally possible insofar as by that point I understood that anything was possible.

Children are little death machines, they rip through your body. They chew on you. They are animals.We are animals, left bloody and with vulnerable bellies sliced after a good fight.

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