Thursday, October 20, 2016


23.5 months

He recently began his negotiating phase, "I a big boy. I drink beer." Edit: With a few more months of language development under his belt, it turns out he was saying, "When I'm a big boy, I drink beer." 

2 years!

He is obsessed with the mass. He has a cup he uses for the wine, and a cup he uses for the "body of Christ" and a little altar in his room (a white box of books) and a piece of bubble wrap he uses for a tablecloth. Other times he holds a cardboard tube that he calls his cross and like an altarboy he tries to lead us around the house singing, "Alleluia, Alleluia."''

He asks once in a while, "Where my birthday go?" And once suggested, "Mama took it." 

Today he claimed that some of the oatmeal in his bowl was a little bunny rabbit. The imagination on this kid!
The incessant talking! The boundary pushing!

A conversation this morning:
  Me: What do you want for breakfast?
  Chester: A cookie!
  Me: We don't have any of those.
  Chester: Maybe I go the store and buy some.
  Me: laughing.
  Chester: When I a daddy, I do that?

Thermometer (temperature)--"tempichemper"

25 months

Chester has been asking a lot about temptation lately, primarily, "What's temptation?" (He hears about it in the Our Father.) Talk about a hard one to explain. I did my best to put it in two-year old language--talking about eating too many donuts and not enough chili, which he was currently doing. And he seemed to get it because he brought up coloring with chalk on the steps versus coloring on the sidewalk. (He likes to color on both, we prefer he only write on the sidewalk.) And then he looked at my coffee and said, "Your coffee a temptation, Mama?"

He was pretending to cook the other day, when he went looking intently for his phone, and then pretended to see on it that two cups of water were called for. This is hilarious because he uses his phone which looks like an old-fashioned telephone, while he imitates my use of a smart phone for recipes while cooking. 

Chester has a friend--what a delight. There's one boy at daycare in the class above him who he especially gets along with. What a great reminder of the naturalness and joy of friendship. Edit: Yesterday his friend bit him. What a great reminder of the naturalness of sin. 

​His favorite song at the moment is Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," which we've convinced him is a religious song. He really only likes the chorus. ​


Ilana said...

I read this three times in a row so I could keep laughing. You're as funny as he is!

Anonymous said...

That was enjoyable! papa L

Anonymous said...

First of all, why is a 2 year old talking about his tempichemper?
Only the child of a hypochondriac.

Emily Hale said...

You gave him the thermometer!!

Hannah said...

Delightful! I read it to Jayber and we both laughed the whole way through.

Zork STILL talks incessantly. And Harriet is right on his heels...she's talking up a storm and way earlier than Zork!

We want to get Zork more of a 'mass kit'. He will hold up anything resembling a wafer and say "Body of Christ" and expects us to say "Amen" and eat it. This only becomes a problem when he wants me to eat his lunch.

Can't wait to see you all!

Emily Hale said...

Two talking kids!! I didn't realize that mass kits were a thing! That's so funny.

Can't wait to see you! We are really looking forward to it.

Hopkins said...

This is 100% delightful.