Monday, December 26, 2016

A Random Assortment

There are some old links here:

~ On the Gilmore Girls' ending.

~ The Grammar of Ornament.

~ This is a reading I wish I could have attended.

~ The Limits of Diversity.

~ Auden's syllabus.

~ What we're eating (I replaced the bacon with sausage and used three cheeses).

~ Thinking about life in a post-work world. (In case you need some anxiety for your holiday season.)

~ Academia has a mom problem. Relatedly, on why "Is it possible to be a good academic and a good mother?" is the wrong question. (Both highly recommended and probably applicable to other fields.)

~ Couldn't read this one because of the paywall, but seems dystopianly frightening.

~ Need to reread this one: Some profound insights into identity from Dante.

~ By Annemarie Slaughter's husband--his side of the story.

~ How to be a Stoic:

“Starting with things of little value—a bit of spilled oil, a little stolen wine—repeat to yourself: ‘For such a small price, I buy tranquillity.’ ” 
Reminds me (and not) of The Art of Losing.

~ PAL, ever a favorite, on Christmas.

~ Surprise, surprise: Fracking is terrible. (Okay, I edited the title a bit.)

~ "Eeny, meeny, miny, mo" is ubiquitous (and racist).

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