Monday, January 9, 2017

Art Museum

We finally made it to the art museum's quilt exhibit on its last day.

I thought it was fantastic, although I just caught quick glimpses while running after a certain two-year-old. (Sorry for the phone pics.)

This one is purportedly an Indiana wreath.

After a failed first attempt at quilting in which I cut out a bunch of pieces and proceeded to cart them around for 10 years before off-loading them on Ilana, I'm ready to pick quilting back up.

Just kidding.

Love me some dogwood blossoms.

Said two-year old had a massive potty training accident near this quilt. Good thing I packed a rag. And good thing we stopped to buy a new pair of pants after his water spilled all over his two other backup pairs of pants. Despite the rag, we still had to alert the staff. They were classy and finished our interaction with, "Thank you for visiting today."

This one was, hands down, my favorite. Stunning.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. Think of the hours put into these. And think of the conversations as these ladies worked. What was discussed? And what wisdom was shared? Who will ever know?

Miss Self-Important said...

The captions to these photos are causing me to doubt my great eagerness for my progeny to hurry up and grow up. I can already envision these moments in her early efforts to reject by throwing on the floor the foods she thought were perfectly acceptable the previous day. She's just gearing up...

Emily Hale said...

Mom--Yes, a lot of work!

MSI--oh no, that sounds pretty terrible to me! As far as I can tell, at least for Chester--he develops and pushes boundaries and gets rough and then he settles down and then repeat...